Alec Orachi


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Masterfully blending soulful melodies with Hip-hop/ contemporary indie and RnB inspired beats, Alec Orachi is an exciting young artist whose musical versatility surpasses his age. With mesmerizing flows, emotional lyrics, and beautifully crafted music, he’s able to bring you into his world and vividly paint his inner thoughts.

A Thai born whose early influenced such as Arctic Monkeys, Jason Marz, and Craig David. His thought was that he was never good enough to make such music. Until in 2014 when he moved to Australia to study (until 2021), learning the cultures and being introduced to Artists who are now a big part of his style like, Tyler The Creator, Frank Ocean, and many more. Going through a tough time like getting homesick and racism, he turned to music as a way of forgetting all those problems and put all the conflicts into his songs From a normal school kid who enjoys performing at school gigs to making his first beats on Garage band which ideas popped up when he watched the video of Steve Lacy making beats on YouTube and realized that he could make his songs through his roommate’s iPad. Started uploading songs in 2017 on Soundcloud for fun to self-crafted himself through many hours of development and finally launched his self-produced EP “I’m Not What They Say I AM” in September 2019 and a single “That’s How It Goes” in June 2020.



Rnb melodies, Indie/alternative music with hip-hop-inspired groove




  • Alec Orachi (Jacky) – Vocal/guitar