‘Top’ Sarun Pinyarat

Founder & CEO
Fungjai Co., Ltd. (Co-organizer of Mahorasop Festival)
Bangkok, Thailand

  • Sarun is the founder and CEO of ‘Fungjai’ – Thailand’s fastest growing music community and media company that connects indie artists and fans through online platforms and offline activities such as music streaming, social media, webzine, concerts, conferences and festivals – including ‘Maho Rasop’, the country’s first international independent music festival co-organized with prominent local promoters ‘Seen Scene Space’ and ‘Have You Heard?’.
  • Apart from his CEO role in Fungjai, he is also the Head of Agency at Ookbee – Thailand’s biggest conglomeration of UGC (User Generated Content) platforms. He has a background in the visual design field and have worked across various creative fields around the globe, including Bangkok, Copenhagen and Silicon Valley.

Maho Rasop Festival

  • Maho Rasop Festival is the first ever international independent music festival in Bangkok, Thailand created by 3 leading concert promoters — HAVE YOU HEARD?Seen Scene Space and Fungjai — giving well curated selection of international and local artists, arts, food, and cultural activities for everyone! (We’re family-friendly, too!)
  • Maho Rasop (มหรสพ) is a traditional Thai word for a ‘festive celebration’, which perfectly describes the vibe of the festival and brings out Bangkok’s character as the city is full of happiness, excitement and historical backgrounds.


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