Satria Ramadhan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Satria Ramadhan is:


SRM is a management unit and booking agent for several bands from Jakarta and surrounding areas. Formed by Satria Ramadhan, who started as a band photographer for Ballads of the Cliche in 2005, then was offered his first band manager job in 2006 for thedyingsirens. A few more bands also joined in during that time, such as Earth Colony, Sugar Spin and Arcade Playmate.

In the middle of 2008, Satria was given the opportunity to manage Ballads of the Cliche; then in early 2010, he was offered to manage SORE. In the following years, more and more bands joined his artist management unit, starting from L’Alphalpha and Leonardo & His Impeccable Six in 2010; Bangkutaman in 2011; and also 4 other bands, namely The Experience Brothers, Innocenti, The Trees & The Wild and the legendary pop band, hospital in 2012; and after that were BAREFOOD, Sajama Cut, Marsh Kids and MC Adit Insomnia.

SRM is “Simple, Friendly and Satisfying”.



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