Piotr Pucylo

Intention(s) of attending:

  • Look for artists and musical talent
  • Connect with other music professionals/delegates

Type of Company / Business:

  • Live Show Business: Concert/Event Promoter
  • Live Show Business: Commercial Music Festival
  • Live Show Business: Conference & Showcase Festival
  • Organization/Institution: NGO/NPO

Artistic Director
GLOBALTICA World Cultures Festival
Gdynia, Poland

Piotr Pucylo is an international music industry professional with over 20 years experience working as a producer, booker, project coordinator, promoter, journalist and was the co-founder and longtime artistic director of legendary Polish world music label – Orange World.

In 2005, he co-founded GLOBALTICA World Cultures Festival – now one of the biggest and best world music festivals in Poland – he is programming and artistic director of this exceptional event. He is also founder of the Polish Showcase Day – an event promoting Polish artists in the international arena. Regularly invited as a jury member, mentor or panelist during important festivals, competitions or other events.

In 2018 he became one of the so-called 7 Samurai – a member of the prestigious group of international professionals responsible for the selection of artists taking part in the world’s largest world music fair – WOMEX, which took place in Las Palmas.

Piotr is also a graphic designer, with ethnic patterns and world music the main themes appearing in his works, his graphics and designs have gained worldwide reputation for their cross cultural atmosphere.

GLOBALTICA World Cultures Festival

Globaltica is an extraordinary festival in the Polish summer events calendar. The main goal of the World Cultures Festival is to show multicultural contents and coming closer to traditions and religions. 

What is important is that the festival aims to show all of these not as a museum exhibition, but as a living culture, a part of today’s life. It features contemporary artists inspired by tradition and roots of the places they come from, “translated” into a modern language of artistic and social communication. The main area of artistic output is music. However, the festival always includes a presentation of works from other artistic realms, such as literature, arts or film. 

Globaltica is mainly located in the historical Kolibki Park in Gdynia – a spacious meadow surrounded by trees and situated by the sea, not far from the city center, by the main alley on the border between Gdynia and Sopot. The natural advantages of the place, incomparably better than the closed space of a concert hall, foster the creation of a unique event on a high artistic level. 



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