Josh Kahn

Business Development/Operations/Marketing
Baramey Production
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Business development + digital marketing + creative direction + product development; basically, always learning and doing new things.

Also a co-curator of ASEAN Music Showcase Festival – Southeast Asia’s first intraregional music showcase festival.

Baramey Production

Baramey started in 2016 as a pioneering music label nurturing the talents of original music stars in Cambodia.

Today, Baramey has a roster of the hottest Cambodian artists and has evolved into a true entertainment company that constantly challenges the status quo. Through music, film, events, and bespoke marketing campaigns designed to our artists’ strengths, we bring fresh new experiences to Cambodian and international audiences alike.

Baramey commits at least 50% of its profits to reinvesting in original music to combat piracy in Cambodia, research and development on legal frameworks to build the music industry’s respect for copyright and intellectual property, and matching rising artists to music campaigns aligned with various social causes.



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