Zhang Ge

Zhang Ge – Booking Manager of Yugong Yishan, Beijing

Zhang Ge – from 2007 til now working as production and booking manager of Beijing’s famous legendary live venue Club Yugong Yishan, as well as core member of the organizing committee of Yugong Yishan Music Festival. Prior to that, during her freshmen years, she worked at a pop music record label, as band assistant for promotion of the Chinese rock icon Gao Qi & Overload, participated on startup operations for an indie music label and project manager for The Face’s lead singer Chen Hui’s solo album production. After experiencing different fields of work and genres within the Chinese music industry, she found her true devotion in the live music section and joined forces with the most influential and representative live venue in China known as Club Yugong Yishan in 2007 and remained till today as its “guardian of the house” as most promoters and artists alike respect her throughout the Chinese live music industry.

Established in 2004, Club Yugong Yishan is the leading pioneer among Chinese live venues long before the concept of “live house” was introduced to China. There are more than 200 professional live shows being hosted each year across all thinkable music genres and stage setups. Most of the top league music artists, both Chinese and from overseas, have moved music hearts on this stage – especially for many once-unknown acts who gained attention and new status from performing at Yugong Yishan. And during spring break season in 2018, the first Yugong Yishan Music Festival was established – headlined by Germany’s No. 1 rock act DIE TOTEN HOSEN and the freshly crowned Chinese top of the pops, Leah Dou.

Within the last 12 years while taking care of over a thousand live shows, Zhang Ge has witnessed the changes of the Chinese indie music industry and its audiences while playing a key role in midst of the ever-changing music market of China.

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