Teguh Wicaksono

Teguh Wicaksono – Founder of Archipelago Festival, Jakarta

Teguh has worked for top companies such as Twitter, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, BBC, then being the Country Manager at Bytedance and now working as the Brand & Editorial Manager at Netflix. He graduated from Goldsmiths University of London under an international scholarship with a MA in Digital Journalism.

In 2012, he co-founded Sounds from the Corner, Jakarta-based archiving project documenting the local music scene and industry in Indonesia. In 2017, he started Archipelago Festival – a music conference and emerging talent festival in Indonesia. Through its music conference, Archipelago focuses on three core values: education; entry point; and talent┬ádiversity. For the past two years they have hosted rock legends, music icons and industry practitioners to share their knowledge and experience. Their performance curations focus on giving exposure for bright and emerging talents from Indonesia and the rest of the world. Partnering with various global initiatives, they have had emerging acts from UK, Poland, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

Related links: http://archipelagofestival.id, https://www.facebook.com/archipelagofestival/

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