Stacy Gregory

Stacy Gregory – VP Communications of, Kuching

Stacy Gregory has been involved in the music industry starting off in a church choir since 4 years old. Between 2012 and 2015, she joined a group of young volunteers to bridge the gap between the urban and rural youth as lead for vocals whereby her tasks were to teach and educate the rural youths on the basics of singing, especially in English. 

In 2015, Stacy won a blog writing competition under the Web in Travel (WiT) Sarawak division and was sent to Singapore in October to attend the WiT bootcamp and conference. She also had the privilege to attend ITB Asia 2015 as a delegate. 

In 2017, Stacy co-founded and became Vice President of Communications for, which aims to develop and grow the local music ecosystem in Sarawak, Malaysia together with the Founder and President – Giacherie Tipik. At the same time, she is a freelance writer for an international publication about sustainable tourism. 

Her passion for singing has grown into a passion where she is able to help build the ecosystem by creating a local platform that offers more opportunities for local industry players to grow together. Her wish is to provide a better future for the younger generation who wish to make music into their career. 

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