Patrick Conner

Patrick Conner – Founder of DOINDIE, Seoul

Patrick Conner is the founder of DOINDIE, which started life in 2013 as a bilingual independent indie music webzine in Seoul, South Korea. Among other things, they provide exclusive content including interviews, recorded live sessions, shows listings, articles, band/venue profiles and much more. 

DOINDIE also has a branch of the company called Highjinkx that runs international shows and tours that included Joss Stone, Mitski, Julien Baker, Hippo Campus, Coin, Suuns, Protomartyr and more. They also book artists for several festivals and events in Korea, including the Busan International Rock Festival, booking artists such as The Chemical Brothers and Courtney Barnett. Through Highjinkx, they also run a project called Focus Asia that aims to introduce the best talent from around Asia to the Korean market, and a tour exchange project that so far has seen bands from the UK and South Korea take part in extensive tour swaps over the last few years. 

Finally, they also run a small label called Beeline Records managing a couple of local artists while also helping international acts with digital distribution in South Korea. In short, they do a bit of everything.

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