Keke Tumbuan

Keke Tumbuan – Music Curator of RRREC Fest and “SUPERBAD!”/ The Secret Agents, Jakarta

Keke Tumbuan is a photographer and writer based in Jakarta. She got involved in the local music scene since 2003 organizing small gigs and DJ-ing events, then started working on art projects with ruangrupa – an artists’ initiative based in Jakarta.

In 2007, she became the chief editor in a lifestyle and entertainment magazine – FREE! Magz – and started writing frequently about the local music scene, promoting independent bands, as well as shooting music photography. She also contributed as a music columnist for other publications and web magazines. At that time she, together with Indra Ameng, established The Secret Agents to work as a duo for projects involving photography-based art and promoting good music in the local scene. They have been running a monthly independent music showcase together since 2008 called “SUPERBAD!”.

Since 2011, aside from doing photography-based projects and writing, she also works as a Music/Program Curator for RRREC Fest – two annual alternative music and art festivals in Jakarta and on a Camp Site in Situgunung, West Java, each showcasing great music and other engaging interdisciplinary programs.

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