Hazel Savage

Hazel Savage – CEO of Musiio

Hazel Savage is the CEO of Musiio – a Singapore-based music technology company that has developed an AI that can “listen” to music in a scalable and time-efficient manner. Intended to make great music more discoverable, Musiio works alongside streaming services, production libraries and large music catalogues to transform audio files into a series of mathematical visualizations that are run through a series of neural networks to deliver results in the form of our three core products – Musiio Tag; Musiio Search; and Musiio Playlist.

In July 2019, the company launched a public demo of their Musiio Tag product to encourage potential customers to engage with the tech and test its accuracy.  Musiio has been featured in publications such as Techcrunch, Music Tech and SoundOnSound.

Related links: https://www.musiio.com

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