Evan Murray

Evan Murray – Project Coordinator at LIVE AT HEART, Newfoundland

Evan Murray has been beating drums and smashing guitars in the Canadian music scene since he was just a lad. From big opening spots, and major festivals with his Folk/Rock band “Marystown” to the creepy crawling empty pubs of Canada as a hired drummer. Murray has toured coast-to-coast across Canada, as well as touring three times into Southern and Northern Europe. He has now blazed trails twice inside of India with his new Multinational Rock Band, Lazie Bison.

In addition to his strong musical background as a performer, Murray has deep insight into the Canadian music scene and touring opportunities. He has been successful in establishing a large international music industry network. He brought the world music industry together to meet at LIVE AT HEART NEWFOUNDLAND in his late father’s hometown of Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador in October 2018. At this event, he was able to attract and book international leaders in the music industry. He was successful in delivering upon all his commitments including booking and coordinating performers from Canada, USA, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, etc.

In the past year (2018/2019), Murray coordinated sixteen Canadian bands (including four bands from Newfoundland) to attend Live At Heart, Orebro in Sweden. In 2018, two bands Murray met at the Orebro conference he then booked into major festivals in India, and six bands into the World’s biggest festival at Summerfest (including Newfoundland band, Skidderpup). He has a proven track record in promoting bands, making key connections in the music industry for the bands, and arranging bookings to increase exposure.

Murray has attended award shows and conferences on behalf of Vision 360 and Live At Heart Newfoundland in: Orebro, Sweden; New York, USA; Taipei, Taiwan; Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; Busan, South Korea; Kerala, India; Dubai, UAE; and Kyiv, Ukraine. Attendance at these events provided additional opportunities for networking as well as the identification of promising bands and emerging music trends.

Murray’s deepest passion and goals are to make people aware of the Burin Peninsula, and the Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon. He is passionate about exporting artists from the Atlantic regions of Canada. He is committed to giving artists the greatest chances of success through his ever growing global network of agencies, festival bookers, Grammy winning producers, record labels and PR companies.

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