Ellinor Andersson

Ellinor Andersson – Communication Manager of Westside Music Sweden, Gothenburg

Ellinor is the communication manager at Westside Music Sweden (WMS). Much of her work is around producing content, writing articles and making sure their social media is updated. She is also heavily involved in putting together the live program at Viva Sounds – the festival produced by Westside Music Sweden.

Prior to her work at WMS, Ellinor has been involved in the music industry in almost all areas, i.e., as a club promoter, running a festival, as a sound tech and also as a musician in touring bands – and she’s currently playing bass in Swedish stoner band Electric Hydra.

Related links: https://westsidemusicsweden.se/, http://www.vivasounds.se/, https://www.facebook.com/westsidemusicsweden/, https://www.instagram.com/westsidemusicsweden

Contact information: ellinor@westsidemusicsweden.se

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