David Siow

David Siow – President of SGMUSO

David Siow is a music business practitioner with 15 years of experience as a musician and business development within the music industry and has been the president of the Music Society, Singapore (SGMUSO) since 2017 focusing on executing the newly revamped SGMUSO business model with music export, fundraising, skills development and membership at its core, as well as facilitating collaborations between regional industry players. His roles and duties include conceptualizing, managing and operating music export and educational projects such as: Singapore: Inside Out (Sydney); the Music Matters Academies; Singapore showcases at Singapore Matters networking sessions.

As a musician, he is the bassist of award-winning Singaporean indie-pop band, M1LDL1FE, while at the same time handling the band’s business development – securing regional opportunities as well as developing and executing market development strategies. He is also a music producer for artists like Ronald Goh (ROWE); Maian Carmel, Aisyah Aziz, Codie Loh (Code Caud) and rebelsuns (ID).

David is also a preferred host for Airbnb – arranging, producing and recording tracks for his guests. The experience he offers has become one of the most successful Airbnb experiences to date in Asia.

Related links: https://www.sgmuso.org, https://www.facebook.com/sgmuso/, https://www.m1ldl1fe.com, https://www.facebook.com/M1LDL1FE/

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