Darren Teh

Darren Teh – Lead vocals/Guitars of An Honest Mistake, Kuala Lumpur

Darren is an English major graduate and taught English to international students (Middle-Easterners, Central Asians, Chinese, Koreans & Japanese) for 6 years in a prestigious university. He lives a sporty lifestyle by playing basketball and works out regularly at the gym.

He started playing music at the age of 14 in church; beginning with the bass guitar and then picking up guitar as well as drums and keyboard. He joined his first band, Army Of Three, an alternative rock band at the age of 18 (2005) as a bassist and backup vocalist. The band has since recorded 3 albums; all of which he performed and recorded. In 2010, Darren left the band to pursue An Honest Mistake. In 2014, he reunited with the band. Both bands are now running concurrently.

With a passion to grow the local music scene, Darren has taken the initiative to provide a platform for new artistes. Starting in 2010 at Laila’s Café (now defunct), and mainly known for organizing at Laundry from 2011 to 2015, he has put on numerous shows promoting both local and regional artistes. His passion has also grown from organizing gigs to talent management.

At present, Darren has also produced a line of guitar effects pedals called ‘AWESOME’. The Awesome Pedal which is a dual-function pedal (overdrive and boost) and The Awesome Tuner (chromatic tuner). He was inspired to create these pedals to encourage musicians to seek greater tone as well as to stay in tune. Having performed in various countries in South East Asia, Darren has the desire to establish an Asian touring circuit together with some of the best promoters in the region to promote Asian music. With an aim to bring Malaysian music to an international platform, he is constantly working at it; a step at a time.

Related links: https://www.ahmband.com/, https://www.facebook.com/anhonestmistake/

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