Chang Liu

Chang Liu – COO of After Day Music/ Pillz Records, Chengdu

Chang Liu is the Chief Operating Officer of After Day Music/ Pillz Records where he primarily focuses on artist management, label management and business development. After Day Music is the subsidiary of ShowCity Times Group, which is the biggest independent music and entertainment company in China. It is worth mentioning that ShowCity Times Group is also the parent company of No.4 Music, the largest Hip Hop label in China.

In the past three years, Chang has worked as a promotor, artist manager and project manager. Some of the artist he has worked with include LeeAlive, N2V, and R7CKY, most of whom have had hundreds of millions of playbacks on music streaming platforms in China alone. Furthermore, they have been working actively with their brothers in the Hip Hop label on crossover projects and live events in both China and US.

Proudly representing one of the best electronic music labels in China, Chang and his comrades aim to unite the most prominent parties and individuals in the electronic music scene and to prosper this uprising industry.

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