Apryl Peredo

Apryl Peredo – Owner/President of Inter Idoru, Tokyo

Tokyo-based, American-born, Apryl Peredo is a multi-faceted music industry professional. She titles herself as an Artist Manager, but she does more than simply manage. 

Her early experience as an awful bass player in a punk band led to a position as an A&R intern for EMI, Radio Promotion Assistant and seasonal studio manager for Cotton Row Studios in Memphis TN.  Later she began hosting a radio show and co-coordinating weekend music festivals and events in Dallas, Texas. Now in Tokyo she runs the gamut from: co-writing and edit of English lyrics for Japanese anime, pop, and rock bands, assembling ensemble bands for special projects, and hands-on artist development.  She has worked with large festivals such as Countdown Japan! and Warped Japan as well. She is regularly called on by those making short and feature-length films when an “expert” is needed on Japanese modern music to suit a scene. 

With first-hand knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the ever-changing music industry in general and Japan-specific, and a clear vision of how to help musicians further their careers, she hosts workshops on social media use, publishing, best booking practices, touring regionally and overseas, and long-term planning and goal-setting.

In addition to her main work with Japanese domestic artists developing within Japan, she also helps non-Japanese artists who wish to come experience, explore, and grow within the Japanese music market by coordinating and managing tours, developing entrance strategy, and approaching labels and distributors.

Related links: https://interidoru.wixsite.com/music, https://www.facebook.com/interidoruongaku/

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