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Friday 1 November 2019

Private Conference & Networking Party

The afternoon of the first day of the conference is dedicated to introducing our international delegates to the Thai music industry, which will be presented by local industry veterans, i.e. major and independent labels and event promoters.  In the evening, there will be a networking party to break the ice and get the party started!

Remark: Event is invitation-only.

Saturday 2 – Sunday 3 November 2019

Public Conference

The themes and topics presented in the conference are:

  1. Music Cities
    • UNESCO’s 2005 Convention and Cities of Music
    • Music Cities & Music Tourism: Examples from around the world
    • Why and how governments should support the music industry
    • What do local music communities need from their governments?
    • A discussion about creative freedom and oppression in SEA
    • Creative District Bangkok: How to nurture live music in the District
  2. Music Export
    • Why do we need a Music Export Office?
    • How music showcase festivals can help artists enter a new market
    • Westside Music Sweden: How music companies can team-up to export their city’s music
    • How to set up an international tour
    • Intro to East-Asian music communities
    • Intro to ASEAN music communities
    • Intro to China’s music sub-cultures
  3. Music Technology
    • Why NIA is behind MAR-tech and their programs to support Thai and international startups
    • How blockchain will affect the future of music
    • What labels can do with ‘big data’?
    • Will AI take away music jobs?
    • Online music publications and community platforms
  4. Music Professionals
    • Japan’s Music Industry: Past, present and future
    • How experience design helps create the perfect music festival
    • Music Sync Business: Music for synchronization in film, TV & advertisements
    • Sound design: Psychological effects of sound in moving pictures
    • Indie Survival Talks: Small and medium live music venues
    • Indie Survival Talks: Independent labels and artists

Remark: Limited seats available.  Registration process will be announced in the future.

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