Vitamin D from The Sun (ไวตามิน ดี ฟอร์ม เดอะ ซัน)



‘Vitamin D from The Sun’ is the newcomer from Sanamluang Music Label included the six of band members Thep-Thepphithak Yodying (lead vocals), Pre-Nattawich Anunchaithanakhul (trumpet), Sung-Weerapat Laisupasin (guitar), Folk-Natthaphon Panudomluk (guitar), Kong-Yanabhus Suriyajai (bass) and TonYak-Worradech Ploymai (drums) with their character of music style has the potential to grow and develop.

The new songs released in the form of EPs. 4 songs name Dad-D under the concept “Journey : Music take you to Journey” is comparable to their new journey even though each song represents a different feeling in each chapter of the journey. But every song has a common point in the music “Surf House” that formulated the genre that is easy to understand and fits the song in this EP the most.

With a mixture of sound from real instruments, which is the band’s specialty, plus electronic sound under the supervision of Tul Waitoonkiat ,Executive Producer.


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