Venn (เวนน์)



Venn is an alternative folk band that embraces experimental sounds. The band comprises of Pree the older, and Pon the younger (although only one year apart). In 2014, the cousins got together on a family project that leave them with a lot of free time, fresh air, and epic beautiful landscape before them. The result? Plenty of writing and composing.

“Venn” (diagram) is a quintessential symbol of common ground, a philosophy that both Pree and Pon come to embrace. The name seemed appropriate as the original idea for the band is to involve anyone daring enough to join us, fuse our ideas, and make something out of thin air. The band welcomes new sounds, new ways of thinking, as long as it becomes something that aligns with the idea of “Venn”.

Officially formed and released their first debut single in May 2020, Venn has been playing in various major concerts and events in 2020, including Bangkok Music City, Post Gazer 3, the popular indie music venue Brownstone in two separate events, Mystic Valley and the world renowned Mooban Wonder by Wonderfruit. Even though the band started with the two cousins, they have picked up some serious members along the way. View [Chitchop Sirisuwan; vocalist and composer of Geum Da Geum] as their guitarist/co-producer, Ap Jirakit Taowti; the bassist of Mattnimare [Ap’s and Pree’s previous band], Top [Tachaphol Cheevapariyangboon] the drummer of Hugo, Polycat, Chanudom and Scrubb, Beady Williams as their co-producer, Diew [Prateepdej Ruangwong] the sound engineer of Thailand’s famous rock band Bodyslam to help with their live sounds, and Ply Katawut Chandaeng; energetic guitarist of Monomania to help them rock it out on stage.


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