tie a tie



tie a tie, a 1st artist from Citadel Sound Label.This alternative rock band has inspiration and influence from British music. A band started from Meak and Breakiad, who was a classmate and they also had a same music ideology. After that, they have started to create a band to join in music festival. After the first show, they had a chance to meet a band named “Costlywood” and they interested in this band talent so they advised them to start to focus more on their music. After that, both of them decided to start a project which name is “tie a tie” and start from Breakiad’s bedroom studio. After they trail with their favorite kind of music, gain experiences by performed a live show. Then they had a chance to meet “Yo” (A guitarist of band “Young Man and the sea”) and “Bank” (A guitarist of band “Costlywood”) which later on, both of them become a producer of this project.

As mentioned above and clear objective of music ideology from their producer, it caused them created an outstanding music with include many of interesting idea which you deserved to feel it.

After release 1st Album “SOFTSERVE” on earlier 2021, it can be reached up to 1st ranking on Alternative chart in Apple Music Thailand since 1st week with a popular single such as “Moontown”, “I can’t control myself” and “Heartbeat”


  • Email: tieatieatie@gmail.com

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