The Colors

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


When “The Colors” was formed in 2010, none of the four members could play any instruments; they just wanted to make music for the love of it and not for fame or profit. However by 2011, they had gained popularity as a garage band with hit songs like “Tagtaa”, “Malchik” and an appearance at the renowned Playtime Festival. In 2013, while participating in a music contest from the White Arch Studio, the Colors’ performance drew interests from other bands and studios but most importantly from the White Arch Studio, which lead to the creation of their first album “Unuudur heden on be? Noyon Tagtaa “in 2014.

By 2016, they had started to work on their second studio album. Sadly this process was halted due to the loss of their lead guitarist in early 2017. This unfortunate event had caused a great deal of emotional pain for the band members. Nevertheless, in 2018, they decided to resume their activities and released an EP in memory of their friend and band member. This EP named “Bi Tengerluu Unaj Baina” was released in vinyl format which is special due to the rarity of vinyl production in the post-socialist Mongolia. With this endeavor the band hopes to reintroduce the culture of vinyl production in modern Mongolian entertainment industry.


  • Indie rock, Post punk…


  • Independent


  • Togtuun – Vocal, Guitar
  • Tergel – Guitar
  • Tuguldur – Bass
  • Nomt – Keyboard
  • Jamukh – Drum


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