Television off



“Television off!” the name just came out of nowhere. Without any hidden meaning, but who cares? It sounds nice! Television off was formed in late 2020, became a part of Salaya’s music scene. The band started out with the debut single ” Karn dern taang tee mai mee taang”, surf-pop song with dreamy and lively vibe.

But the real deal started from the second single ” Linger on..”, embracing post-rock influence, the band had vastly developed its style and elevated itself to the next level.
After releasing 3rd single “Fahpralad”, television off finally signed with Smallroom Bangkok Pop Music Label.

Television off are Nattawut Jumjod on vox and guitar, Suphachok Thititippaya on guitar, Suphalap Thititippaya on guitar and Jeerawat intarapitak on bass.


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