Soullette ​​(소울렛)

Seoul, South Korea


Strutting onto the Korean soul scene armed with a silken voice and a penchant for sass is KPOP’s latest initiate, Soullette (​​소울렛). Born in South Korea, Soullette spent her childhood in China before moving to the U.S in her teens to study, and was introduced by a friend to the captivating sounds of Erykah Badu. Erykah Badu’s music was soul-stirring and instantaneously awakening and it was then and there that Soullette decided to finally pursue her lifelong adoration for music. A few years into the artist’s life and the destined twenty-something year old has never looked back.

Now based out of Seoul, Soullette sees music as a deeply spiritual process of self-actualisation and fulfillment; as something fate has always buoyed her towards, and something intrinsic to her very being. As a straight edge advocate, vegetarian and holistic, health conscious human, her life has always sought to attract balance and inner peace. The Soullette moniker itself is a direct extension of this. Tapping into her own essence or ‘soul’ by meticulously chiselling away to unearth the pure substance within, is central to Soullette’s music practice. Her songs ooze self-love and confidence, traversing themes of reflection and growth; of unleashing, facing, accepting, healing, returning and repeating.

Soullette’s soundscapes of nu jazz, neo-soul, RnB and pop are offered with an integrity and wisdom beyond her years. With only a handful of songs to her name, including the recent three-track release ‘Mama told me’, featuring collaborations with O’Domar, G2 and Q the Trumpet, plus last year’s celebrated ‘White Clouds’ single, which appeared on the hit Netflix series My Holo Love, Soullette has already earned her title as a force to be reckoned with and is growing ever stronger with each release.

The rising young artist is spending the remainder of 2021 preparing for the release of her anticipated debut EP, 생일 生日 or ‘Birthday’ in English. The EP marks Soullette’s emergence from creative incubation, soundtracking the bold next steps in her undoubtedly vast career ahead. The EP promises to be with us by the end of the year, serving the same slick production and staunch lyricism that Soullette has come to be known for, with a renewed energy that is sure to cement her as Korean soul’s most exciting new export.


  • K-pop, nu jazz, neo-soul, RnB


  • Beeline Records / Highjinkx


  • Soullette (Solo Artist)


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