Rosalyn was formed by a group of friends who studied high school together in Ekamai (Bangkok), eventually reuniting over their shared passion and taste for indie music.

The original three members, Nutty (vocals), Aim (guitars), and Nas (bass) released three tracks, ‘LoverFriend’, ‘Roxy’, and ‘Solitude is Love’, with their initial lineup, before adding members Ping (drums) and Michael (keyboards) for the release of ‘Desire’.

The new ensemble has since worked together to develop the next chapter in Rosalyn’s sound.

Rosalyn is a band consisting of a dynamic and diverse group of musicians, who are: Nutty (Vocalist), Aim (Guitarist), Nas (Bass), Ping (Drums), and Michael (Keyboards, Synth). They aim to convey stories from the heart that will take listeners on a journey of contemplation, wrapped in melodies that will keep you pressing repeat.


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