QLER (คิวเล่อ)



Profile Artist: QLER
QLER or Q – Thitipong Kerdkaew is a solo artist specializing in Indie-Bedroom Pop who has passionately produced his own music since he was twenty. On social media, his most popular song is called ‘จีบ’ with over ten million views and being in a top five Spotify’s ranking for five weeks in a row.

Aside from that, ‘รูปถ่าย’, ‘เพื่อนกันวันพุธ’, ‘ธันวาคม’, ‘กอด’ and ‘แมรี่คิดมาก’ are a huge hit with over two hundred thousand streams per song. His one-of-a-kind talent is writing a song based on the relationships that surround him in a different point of view and conveying a story in a different music genre blended with Thai style in a melody.


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