My Son the Hurricane

Niagara, Ontario, Canada


My Son the Hurricane is a multi horn, multi drummer, multi singer brass funk beast. The Niagara, Ontario 12 piece brass-dance crew has toured over multiple countries and some of Canada, USA and Europe’s biggest festivals. Over 40 sold out shows in 2019 and early 2020 just proved that there is no live show like My Son the Hurricane. Featuring trumpets, sax, trombones, drums, guitar, percussion and two wild front- people….we dare you not to dance!


  • Multi Horn, Multi drummer, multi singer brass funk beast


  • Vegas Funeral Records


  • Danno O’Shea – Drums
  • Cooper Hannahson – percussion
  • Chris Sipos – guitar
  • Fraser Gauthier – bass
  • Sylvie Kindree – vocals
  • Jacob Bergsma – vocals
  • Lisa Gudgeon – trumpet
  • Evan Dalling – Trumpet
  • Craig Darling – Trombone
  • Justin Williams – Trombone
  • Victoria Cox – Bari Sax
  • Colin Wilson – Tenor Sax


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