Last Fight For Finish



Last Fight For Finish is a Nu metal Hardcore band – Rap Core – formed in 2011 based on the experience gained from exploring the Underground.
Until in 2012, he worked with a small record label like “Klai Gun Thieng”, which produced the first single, “Blood Camouflages”

In the following year 2013, there was a second single, “The Last Time Before Death”, and later in 2014, there was a song “Muay Thai” that was joined by P’Day Thaitanium. Featuring This song is also used as the theme song for the THAI FIGHT program that opens before the boxing stage. Considered to be the pride of the band, another work later, during the year 2017, the members have been modified and have brought the song “Ai Ha Ai” to rework.

in the style of the band by having the owner of the song like P Day Thaitanium to work with in every step and continues to collaborate continuously to produce the song “People beside you” as well

In 2017 and 2018, the band has moved to Sanam Luang in the Grammy’s label, with the first work being the song “Khot Kao” and during the same year. Still creating the latest music work. Under the song title “Still Alive”
And in the current year 2020 has moved the agency again to work with the camp “Heavy Studio”


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