Jerry is not allowed (เจอรีอิสน็อตอะลาว)



Jerry is not allowed is a band of 5 high school friends. It started in 2015 with Paii, Fian and Suernoi as a high school band. During high school band members had changed overtime throughout the missing positions.

A while after they all graduated from school the 3 members were still passionate and wanted to continue. Luckily they got together with 2 more members, Petch and Fuang to fill in the missing positions and finally Jerry is not allowed became a high school best friends band haha.

In January 2021 Jerry is not allowed joined a local records label “Zeb Records”. Since then they have released two songs and a music video and the very first Ep will be release within the end of this year.

Please stay tuned for P.Paii’s smooth voice. Next song will be released super soon.

Paii – Vocal, guitar, drums.
Fian – Vocal, guitar, drums.
Suernoi – Keys.
Petch – Guitar.
Fuang – Bass.


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