Dé Fusion

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


DÈ FUSION (pronounced diffusion) is a post-metal quartet, hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently, the band consists of Shukrie Aziz, Faeroz Khan, Firdaus Hamid and Faris Mohamed. Established in 2014, DÈ FUSION have since released an EP titled “KONTRAMATA


  • Our musical instruments, passion and honesty translates our emotions into sound. Dé Fusion is a bipolar merging of graceful ambience & the roaring assertiveness of distortion. Balance in between chaos & tranquility, a beauty in between, integral in our music.


  • Independent


  • Faeroz Khan(Guitar)
  • Firdaus Hamid (Guitar)
  • Daniel (Bassist)
  • Faris Mohamad (Drummer)


  • In January 2020, DÈ FUSION were invited to play the CITY ROAR FESTIVAL, organised by SOUNDSCAPE RECORDS. This was a big leap for the band, as it was our first time playing a festival with an international line up; which included legendary Japanese Post-Rock band, ENVY, Taiwanese act 9mm, renowned Malaysian Post-Rock band DEEPSET and a lineup of solid local bands. DÈ FUSION also had participated in a merch collaboration with Taiping-based apparel company, DESDEMONA APPAREL.
  • KONTRAMATA Ep by Dé Fusion was listed as a 2019 favorite by TEENAGE HEAD RECORDS (MY)


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