Bluekisses (บลูคิสเซส)



Bluekisses was an Indie Pop , Synth pop band from Nonthaburi , Thailand , composed of Aisoon Maiklib (Vocalist) and Phudis Sriburin (Guitarist) under
Notbad! Music Label

Bluekisses name comes from “Blue” from feel blue , be depressed or feel sad and “Kisses” for happiness or cheer up together the name of the band represent sadness and happiness is in the same place it’s depends on what your perspective
Band’s line up consisted of Aisoon Maiklib (Aong) who sang lead vocal and played guitar and Phudis Sriburin (Got) who played guitar and sang backing vocals. And backup drummer

In 2020 Bluekisses has signed with a Notbad! Music label then they have released re-debut single “Flight Mode”


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