Andre Pettipas and The Giants

Antigonish County – Nova Scotia, Canada


Andre Pettipas and The Giants have gained a reputation as an incredibly tight live act, and as a band that routinely crank out the kind of eminently hooky, sing-a-long anthems that stick in your head and just won’t let go. A reputation that not only got producer, Brian Moncarz’s (Alice Cooper, Our Lady Peace) attention but drew a variety of musical heavyweights as guests on their sophomore album, “No Fools No Fun.”

With their ‘take no prisoners’ live performances, stellar musicianship and a habit of finding grist for the songwriting mill from southern rock to pop and prog, Andre Pettipas and The Giants are a rarity – an act who absolutely refuse to let anything take the fun out of their creative process and performances on record or the stage, and with no fear of stepping outside the box to get their message across.


  • Grease Coast Rock N’ Roll – Southern Power Pop Rock


  • El Mocambo Records


  • Andre Pettipas – Vocals. Guitar
  • Travis Pettipas – Bass, Backing vocals
  • Mark Cosh – Drums
  • John MacDonald – Guitar


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