Thailand’s music scene is vibrant and diverse, with Bangkok as its epicenter. Lacking clear zoning regulations, the city is scattered with live music venues – with several hidden gems – giving it a charm unique from other Music Cities. Without the help of a local music insider, one can never experience the true local music scene – until we came in.

was created to help promote interesting local live music events, festivals, artists and venues to international travelers, expatriates and English readers residing in Thailand.  


“Bangkok Music City”

is a movement started by local music community members including musicians, gig promoters and influencers who see the potential and the positive effects of Bangkok becoming a global music tourist destination. It will not only help the country gain more revenue from tourism, but will also help the local music industry thrive.


“Bangkok is a city of chaos, contradictions and constant change—just the sort of environment that encourages a lively, exciting and ever-changing underground music scene.”

– Ben Edwards – singer/guitarist from Bangkok rock ‘n’ roll band, Plastic Section

Bangkok rock ‘n’ roll band, Plastic Section, with Ben Edwards on right.
Bangkok rock ‘n’ roll band, Plastic Section, with Ben Edwards on right. Photo by Dave Crimaldi aka Rock Philosopher.

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  1. Carl Winters says:

    I’m a pro opera singer. I’m moving to Bangkok as I quit the theater (Opera job) to pursue my dream of becoming an indie rock singer and will hopefully find the right musicians. Let’s turn this around and make Bangkok a Huge Asian Music Indie Music market. Hopefully I will be lucky enuff…-.let’s make this happen 🙂

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